Laboratory of Applied Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany


Welcome to the Laboratory of Applied Chemistry at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, Institute of Organic Chemistry (group of Prof. Dr. Michael A. R. Meier; a simple Mike is highly appreciated!).
It is our goal to develop new synthetic procedures that are along the lines with the principles of Green Chemistry. A major focus of our work is a sustainable use of renewable resources for the (polymer) industry. Furthermore, we design and investigate defined polymer architectures for specific applications. Please visit the research and publication sections to find out more about our ongoing projects or just browse around and learn more about us.


Die Klausureinsicht findet am 4.10.2016 von 9:00 bis 10:30 im HS II in Geb. 30.41 statt.


08/2016: moving almost completed
08/2016: speaker of SFB 1176 - CBK ready to move to Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
07/2016: moving to our new building ...
07/2016: Warwick 2016 was excellent; Audrey received one of the poster awards
05/2016: enjoyed ACS Sustaiable Polymers II in Safety Harbour, Florida
04/2016: Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) status awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
02/2016: just exceeded 150 publications :)
01/2016: Collaborative research center on molecular structuring of soft matter sarted: SFB 1176
01/2016: Joining the international advisory board of ChemSusChem
12/2015: Susannes new paper on sequence control was accepted in Angewandte Chemie as HOT PAPER
11/2015: The collaborative research center 1176 (SFB 1176) funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) will start in January 2016 at KIT.
10/2015: Andreas receives Procter& Gamble award of the KIT-Faculty of Chemistry and Biosciences for outstanding performance during his Master studies.
10/2015: BEPS 2015 was held in Karlsruhe and we enjoyed excellent talks and also had a lot of fun
09/2015: we had a very nice group trip to Leipzig (and I was travelling by far too much)
08/2015: holiday time and enjoyed ACS Boston with Susanne, Ansgar and Marc
07/2015: enjoyed ISOM XXI in Graz with Maike and Patrick
06/2015: SFB Begutachtung - lets keep fingers crossed
05/2015: Stellenausschreibung CTA
05/2015: joining the advisory board of Green Chemistry
04/2015: recriutment has started for the Marie-Curie ITN project 'EJD-FunMat' under the MSCA programme (subject to signature of Grant Agreement): DETAILS
03/2015: registration is open for the 23rd annual meeting of the Bio-Environmental Polymer Society (BEPS).
02/2015: please remember the 8th WORKSHOP ON FATS AND OILS AS RENEWABLE FEEDSTOCK FOR THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, which will take place in Karlsruhe, March 29–31, 2015. The final Program is now online. Registration is still open.
01/2015: NOTE THE DATE: The 23rd annual meeting of the Bio-Environmental Polymer Society (BEPS) will be held in Karlsruhe from 12th to 15th october 2015.
11/2014: the special issue on step-growth polymerization I guest edited with Andrew Dove for Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics is now online: LINK
10/2014: enjoyed a trip to Brazil (Florianopolis) to present at COBEQ 2014 ... thanks again Pedro for this opportunity
08/2014: things slow down a bit; time to wrap-up stuff and get ready for holidays :)
07/2014: group-paintball, an unforgettable birthday present; thanks again guys!
07/2014: happy to stay at KIT!
06/2014: enjoyed an excellent group-trip to Europapark
05/2014: Susanne is just back from EUPOC 2014, where she received the poster prize for her work on sequence controlled polymers
05/2014: we got second on this years Chem Cup :) SEE PICTURE
04/2014: the special issue on sustainable polymers I guest edited for Green Chemistry is now online: LINK
04/2014: "conference season" almost finished ;) ... enjoyed visits to Rennes, Lunteren, and others ... and of cousre I also enjoyed our "7th workshop" here in KA!
02/2014: Finally found time for an update; please see research, publications & group pages
11/2013: Susanne's paper on sequence control via multicomponent reactions was accepted in Angewandte Chemie
09/2013: Back from this years BEPS meeting in Warwick, UK. Nicolai won the student presentation award - hazaar, for those who were present ...
07/2013: end of term ... ready to relax a bit!
06/2013: enjoyed the ChemCup very much ... and only 2 weeks later I am able to walk properly again ;)
05/2013: ESI-MS installed and running
04/2013: happy and proud to start as editor for the European Polymer Journal
04/2013: Marc started his Master Thesis and will be working on terpene chemistry
03/2013: Keita started his post-doctoral stay with us and is working on a joint project with Christopher Barner-Kowollik
03/2013: Alexander started his Master Thesis and is working on cellulose chemistry in a joint project with Christopher Barner-Kowollik
02/2013: I was just informed to be the recipient of this years Young Scientist Research Award of the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS): excited - thirlled - honored: Thanks everybody for your confidence and support!
01/2013: Maike started her PhD and will be working on star-shaped polymers via ADMET polymerization
11/2012: Publication No. 100 has just been accepted!
11/2012: Microreactor system has been installed.
10/2012: Sarah and Susanne started their Diploma-Thesis projects, working on thiol-ene chemistry and multi-component reactions, respectively.
09/2012: September = award month:

  • Hatice received this years PhD graduation award of the working group on sustainable chemistry (Fachgruppe Nachhaltige Chemie) of the German Chemical Societey - congratulations!
  • Olli received the poster prize of the conference on sustainable chemistry held in Kaiserslautern this month - congratulations! For some more details, please see rsc's Green Chemistry Blog
  • I am feeling deeply honored - I was just awarded this years "outstanding young scientists award" of the BioEnvironmental Polymer Society (BEPS)

    09/2012: My doughter Ida was born on 07.09.2012 - happy :)
    08/2012: We had a wonderful grouptrip; thanks Ansgar for the organization! (here are some impressions)
    07/2012: Oguz successfully defended his PhD Thesis; congratulations !!!
    07/2012: Andrea starts her PhD thesis (jointly supervised with Christopher Barner-Kowollik); she will work on new materials based on cellulose.
    06/2012: Interview published on Green Chemistry Blog
    05/2012: Our new book Organometallics and Renewables is now available
  • Maike started her Master Thesis - she will work on phosgene free routes to renewable polyurethanes
  • Gregor Klein started his Bachelor Thesis and will work on Thiol-Ene reactions of fatty acids
    04/2012: Hatice successfully defended her PhD Thesis; congratulations !!!
    03/2012: The 5th workshop was another great success; thanks everybody for participating and helping!
    02/2012: Ansgar started his Master Thesis - he will investigate side chain modifications using Passerini reactions
    01/2012: Our special issue of EJLST with contributions of the 4th workshop is online
    12/2011: Time to get some rest! Merry X-Mas and a happy holiday season to everyone!
    10/2011: Planning has started for the 5th WORKSHOP ON FATS AND OILS AS RENEWABLE FEEDSTOCK FOR THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, which will take place in Karlsruhe, March 18-20, 2012. Registration and abstract submission is now open.
    09/2011: Oguz's paper on thiol-ene with fatty acids (Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2010, 31, 1822–1826) was chosen to be included in "Best of Macromolecular Journals 2011"
    08/2011: Getting ready for the 5th season of the year: conference time!
    06/2011: Just back from the European Polymer Congress 2011; congratulations once more to Cor for his DPI Innovation Award and also thanks to the Dutch Polymer Institute and the organizers for the kind invitation! (pictures of the event can be found here)
    05/2011: Matthias, Kai & Tommy have started their Master-Thesis; welcome to the group!
    03/2011: have been elected vice-president of the GDCh (German Chemical Society) working group Nachhaltige Chemie (sustainable chemistry)
    03/2011: The 4th workshop on fats and oils as renewable feedstock for the chemical industry held in Karlsruhe was another great success with ~125 participant from almost 20 countries. Looking forward to meet you all on the 5th workshop to be held in Karlruhe from March 18-20 2012.
    01/2011: as of 01.01.2011 I joined the editorial advisory boards (upon kind invitation ... thanks!) of the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, European Polymer Journal, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, and Macromolecular Rapid Communications.
    12/2010: PAPER EXPLOSION !!! (see publications for details)
    11/2010: I am just back from the EuroFedLipid congress in Munich, where I received the 2010 European Young Lipid Scientist Award from the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids ... thanks again to all people who made this possible!!!
    10/2010: I was appointed as full professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany) ... lab move is in progress and the first group memebers are already in Karlsruhe (Olli, Maulidan, Nicolai)
    09/2010: There was no news for quite some time and one could think we had a lazy summer ;) ... yes, in between we enjoyed holidays and some other things ... nevertheless, chemistry still went on:
  • Hatice, Oĝuz, Lucas and myself went to Glasgow to attend the Macro 2010 meeting; excellent (not only the science)
  • Jenny and Marc submitted outstanding Bachelor theses
  • I travelled a lot and especially enjoyed the ACS in Boston and Polycondensation 2010 in Kerkrade, NL
  • 3 new papers were accepted; congratulations Olli, Tommy, Lucas & Hatice!
  • Last, but not least: its official now, we will move to Karlsruhe to join the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the KIT ... moving will start in October and hopefully be finished well before christmas.

    06/2010: Our first paper on thiol-ene chemistry with fatty acids was just accepted ... congratulations Oĝuz!
    05/2010: I was just informed that I will receive the 2010 European Young Lipid Scientist Award from the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids; I am deeply honored ... thank you!
    03/2010: The "3rd WORKSHOP ON FATS AND OILS AS RENEWABLE FEEDSTOCK FOR THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY" was another successful meeting ... thanks to the group for all their help and also thanks to all contributors!
    We are looking forward to the 4th workshop!
    02/2010: Winnie starts her project with us ... welcome!
    01/2010: Cecilia starts her 12 month postdoctoral stay financed with a Georg Forster Research Fellowship from the the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation.
    12/2009: Enrique leaves us ... thanks for staying with us, good luck in Spain, hope to CU again soon & looking forward to your three papers ;)
    11/2009: Mike receives H.P. Kaufmann Prize of the German Society for Fat Science (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettwissenschaft, DGF)
    11/2009: Lucas starts his postdoctoral work in Potsdam ... welcome!
    11/2009: CALL FOR PAPERS AND FLYER FOR THE "3rd WORKSHOP ON FATS AND OILS AS RENEWABLE FEEDSTOCK FOR THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY", MARCH 14-16, 2010, EMDEN, GERMANY, IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. We are looking forward to meet you in Emden next year and are curious about your new results!
    10/2009: Paper no. 60 has just been accepted for publication in Green Chemistry; congratulations Manuela and good luck with your Master studies in Hamburg!
    10/2009: Maulidan starts his Ph.D. work in Potsdam
    09/2009: There was no news update for quite some time, but a lot has happened in the last few weeks:
  • Oguz and Hatice moved to Potsdam
  • Oliver and Jenny started in Potsdam
  • Enrique is visiting us for a 3-4 months stay
  • our lab in Potsdam is ready to start working
  • some papers have been published and accepted
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Tim, my little son, was born on 8th of July

    06/2009: IMPORTANT NEWS: Mike changes to the University of Potsdam; Oĝuz and Hatice will follow soon; the rest of the group will for now stay in Emden; Mike will remain group leader in Emden at least till end of 2009.
    05/2009: Guy Betrand leaves us to start a Ph.D. project in Canada; good luck in the future and thanks for choosing us for your fellowship work!
    03/2009: Oĝuz starts his Ph.D. research.
    02/2009: The final program of the workshop "FATS AND OILS AS RENEWABLE FEEDSTOCK FOR THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY" is available; LINK TO PROGRAM
    01/2009: Patrices paper on olefin isomerization during ADMET polymerizations got accepted in JACS; congratulations!
    12/2008: One funded PhD studentship is available; download PhD info
    11/2008: New flyer for the workshop "FATS AND OILS AS RENEWABLE FEEDSTOCK FOR THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY" is available; download flyer
    10/2008: Paper no. 50 has just been accepted!
    09/2008: Bertand starts his DAAD sponsored 8 month research project.
    09/2008: The SPECIAL ISSUE covering our last years workshop appeared in European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. Read the corresponding editorial or go to its contents.
    09/2008: Lucas and Manuala start their research projects.
    08/2008: Anastasiya leaves us. Thanks for everything and good luck in Freiburg!
    08/2008: Time to relax a bit ... have a nice holiday everyone!!!
    07/2008: Hatice and Thao start as Ph.D. students.
    06/2008: Our lab is "officially" finished and we had a small workshop to celebrate this; have a look at some of the pictures.
    05/2008: Anastasiya and Mike presented the results of the junior research group obtained thus far at a meeting of all junior research groups finaced by the FNR in Jena, Germany.
    05/2008: Mike is just back from the 99th AOCS national meeting in Seattle where he presented two invited lectures on cross-metathesis of oleochemicals as well as polymers from renewable resources.
    04/2008: We are extremely happy with our new lab and equipment and want to celebrate the opening of the new lab with a small workshop on 02.06.2008; the invitation and details can be downloaded here.
    03/2008: Mike went for an invited visit (by Prof. Selim Kusefoglu) to the the Bogaziçi University in Istanbul for a seminar and to discuss further collaboration possibilities. Thank you Selim and I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!
    03/2008: The reconstruction of our lab is finished and our new intrsuments are installed; take a look at the LAB & EQUIPMENT section
    02/2008: Our new lab is almost finished ... take a look
    01/2008: Happy new year everybody ! We are looking forward to an exciting new year (and hope that the rebuilding of our new lab will be finished soon!).
    11/2007: Gökhan leaves us and goes back to turkey.
    09/2007: First reserach article is published (see publications: No. 42)
    09/2007: Prof. Dr. J. O. Metzger from the University of Oldenburg, the mentor of our research group, receives the Wöhler price for resource saving processes from the German chemical society.
    09/2007: Gökhan Çayli, a Ph.D. student from the Bogaziçi University in Istanbul (group of Prof. Selim Kusefoglu), joins us for a 3 month research visit.
    09/2007: The workshop "Fats and Oils as Renewable Feedstock for the Chemical Industry" was successfully held in Emden with 60 international participants. The organizers (Prof. Dr. Metzger and myself) would like to thank all speakers and participants for their contributions and discussions. The next workshop will be held in Emden from 07.09.2008 till 09.09.2008. Link to German press release
    07/2007: First article is published (see publications: No. 41)
    07/2007: Alain finishes his Bachelor thesis
    05/2007: new GPC-system arrived and installed
    04/2007: DFG proposal for an HPLC-MS/MS is granted
    03/2007: Alain starts his Bachelor project
    02/2007: Patrice starts his post-doctoral stay
    01/2007: Anastasiya starts her post-doctoral stay
    12/2006: two new GCs arrived and installed
    11/2006: Mike wins "Golden Thesis Award 2006" from the Dutch Polymer Institute for excellent doctoral research into polymers and their application.
    11/2006: Jan and Marco join the group
    10/2006: start of the group with Mike and Tina